Trouble finding a connection

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When you are adding an account and you can't find your bank on the list, need to add an investment account, or are getting notifications that the tool couldn't find what you were looking for, read on to learn how to troubleshoot the issue.

  • When you add a new account, the accounts tool uses multiple data connections to provide the best possible connection. Every once in a while, online banking accounts are not supported. Most of the time, however, connections are available and can be found by changing the way you search for them.

    1. Check the spelling and punctuation of the search term.
    2. Shorten the search term (i.e. “Freedom” rather than “Freedom CU”).
    3. Search for the web address of your account login page. Sometimes the website listed will not exactly match the website the user provides (i.e. “http” instead of “https”). The connection may still succeed.
    4. Sometimes mortgage, loan, or credit accounts can be listed separately. Check all connections listed under an institution when you search.
    5. If you still can't find your institution, please submit a support request so our team can help you.

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