Closed accounts

Seeing a loan that has been paid-off, or an account that is closed? Read on to learn more. 


Why am I seeing a closed account?
When you connect a financial institution, the Accounts tool gathers all of the account data that it can. This may include accounts that have been closed and are hidden within online banking, but are still connected to your online account. This can result in a closed account importing with a zero balance.

It is also possible when a connected account is closed, it gets removed from online banking before the Accounts tool can aggregate the account to update balance and import the final transactions. This timing issue will result in the closed account showing an open balance within the Accounts tool.
Give these steps a try!
Step 1: Verify that the account has been closed. You may not recognize that paying off an account or bringing the balance to zero is not the same as closing an account.

Step 2: Identify what outcome you want for the account. If you want to retain the account and its history in the Accounts tool, proceed to step 3. If there is no data associated with the account, or the you do not want to keep it in the Accounts tool, proceed to step 4.

Step 3: Mark as “Closed” to set the displayed balance to zero, and retain the history of your account.
Mark an account as closed
Step 1. Click on the account to open the account detail window.
Step 2: Click on the “...” icon to open the options menu.
Step 3: Click on the option “Mark as Closed.”

Hide the account to exclude it from your financial reports. If you want to remove the account entirely from the financial tools, submit a ticket to the MX support team.

Oops! I marked an account closed by mistake.
There is no option to reverse this step. If you encounter this situation, submit a support request through the in product help center, or contact your financial institution support team who can escalate the issue to the MX support team to restore the account.

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