Duplicate transactions

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Though rare, duplicate transactions can occur. If true duplicates are identified, you must submit a support ticket to the MX Support Team to have the duplicates removed and the underlying cause investigated. It is more common, however, that another issue or user error is causing the appearance of duplicate transactions.

Give these steps a try!
Step 1: Determine whether the transactions are true duplicates.
If one transaction is a credit (amount appears in green) and the other is a debit (amount appears in black) then the transactions are not true duplicates. See the Debits and Credit Transactions article. If all transaction details are identical, then the transactions may be duplicates. Continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Check the “Accounts” tab to see if any account is listed twice. Duplicate accounts are the most common reason for duplicate transactions.

Step 3: If the transaction details are identical and no duplicate accounts exist, then you will need to submit a support request to the MX Support Team to report the issue.
Things to include in your support request
The account(s) which contain duplicate transactions.
Transaction details such as date, amount and description

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