Zero or negative spending

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Sometimes you may see zero spending on your accounts, even though you've made transactions. The experience of seeing zero or negative spending in a category is typically the result of inaccurately categorized credit transactions.

If a credit is categorized as an expense, it will count negatively towards the amount spent in that category. This often occurs when both the credit and debit transactions of a payment have been categorized as an expense.

      1. From the spending tab, select the inaccurate spending category from the spending wheel.
      2. Click the center of the wheel to view related transactions.
      3. Identify the transaction causing the issue.
      4. Select it to open the transaction detail view.
      5. Click on the category and change it to income or transfer, as appropriate, to exclude the credit from your spending calculations.
      6. If this solution does not solve the issue, please submit a support request.

    Some credit transactions, such as returns or reimbursements, are and should be counted in your spending reports.

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