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In MXpfm, your personal financial management experience, you can set whether you receive text or email notifications and choose which kinds of events you receive notifications for. 

To change notification settings:

  1. Click the settings 2021-11-02_14-36-12.png icon in the top right of the window and then select Notifications.
  2. Make sure the Email Address listed is correct, and if you want to receive text message notifications, enter your phone umber into the Mobile Phone field.
  3. In the Channels section, use the toggles to set whether you want to receive Email Notifications and SMS Notifications (texts).
    Turning on Email and SMS notifications here will enable them for all Budgets and Accounts events. To turn off or on notifications for an individual event:
    1. Locate the individual event in the Budgets or Accounts sections.
    2. Click Edit for that event.
    3. Uncheck Text.
  4. In the Budgets and Accounts sections, use the toggle 2021-11-02_13-49-55.png to turn notifications on or off for individual events.

    Individual events include the following:

    • Exceeded Budget
    • Projected to Exceed Budget
    • Payment Reminder
    • Low Account Balance
    • Large Deposit
    • Large Expense
    • Fee Charged
  5. For each event, you can choose to receive only email notifications, only SMS notifications, or both. To do so, click Edit and then select/deselect Email or Text.
  • To clear transactions all you will need to do is select each transaction. This will mark the transaction as read and remove the notification.
  • Notifications are delivered nightly after account information has been updated. Budget notifications will be grouped into one email. Other notifications will appear in separate emails. General emails will be sent to unverified email addresses. Notifications that contain sensitive financial information will only be sent to users who have verified their email address.

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