Trouble adding a new connection (account)

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If you are unable to add a new account (also called connection) and get a status message of Account is Locked or Connection Maintenance, continue reading to learn how to troubleshoot.

  • Sometimes similarly-named institutions and evolving security settings can complicate connecting accounts. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

    1. Answer any prompts for additional information, such as a security question or other multi-factor authentication.
    2. Check the institution name and web address to make sure you are attempting to connect the correct institution. Institutions may have similar names, and some institutions may have multiple connections.
    3. Login to the online banking account outside of the Accounts Tool to ensure your credentials are valid, that your account is not locked, and answer/agree to any notifications that may be preventing access.
    4. Try entering your credentials manually, not using a password manager or copy/paste.
    5. If you still can't connect your account, please submit a support request so our team can help you.

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