Missing an account

The accounts tool didn't bring in all of the accounts from the institution you connected? No worries! It can take up to a week for some accounts to appear. If a week goes by and they are still not showing, there is most likely a separate connection for that particular account. This usually happens when you are connecting a credit card or mortgage. These types of accounts can actually be a third party account with their own login portal.

Try these steps to find a missing account!
Step 1: Check all available connections listed when you search for the institution. Sometimes accounts are listed as separate connections that must be added individually, e.g. “Wells Fargo” vs. “Wells Fargo Mortgage.”

Step 2: If your account requires a separate login from your regular online banking portal, then it will most likely be available under a different connection. Try searching by the web address of the account login page. If you have separate credentials for multiple accounts from the same financial institution, then you will need to add a separate connection for each login you have at the financial institution.

Step 3: If you still cannot locate the account, submit a support request.
Submit a support request
If you choose to escalate the issue to support, be sure to include the following things in your support request: 

1. The type of account, e.g. checking account or credit card, business or personal
2. The institution that holds the account
3. The web address used for online account access

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