Delete & Exclude Transactions

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Only pending and manual transactions can be deleted. Occasionally, a transaction may appear twice: once as pending and once as posted. You can delete the pending transaction if it does not automatically reconcile with the posted transaction.

Deleting a Pending or Manual Transaction

  1. Click on the transaction to open the detail view.
  2. Click mceclip1.pngto view additional options.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Click Delete to confirm.


Excluding a Transaction

Other transactions can be excluded if you don’t want to include them in your financial reports. The transaction will still be visible in the Transactions tab and other reports, but it will be marked as “Excluded” and the amount will not be factored into any calculations. It can be re-included later if you change your mind.

  1. Click on the transaction to open the “Transaction Details” window.
  2. Clickmceclip6.png in the top right to view additional options.
  3. Select Exclude.
  4. Click Exclude to confirm.

To learn more about the Transactions tool, watch the quick clip here. 


Disclaimer: The functionality of this software varies depending on which financial institution you use. Not all content in this help center will apply to your experience.

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