Building a Budget From Scratch

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You may choose to create your own budgets from scratch instead of using the auto-generate feature. 

To create budgets from scratch:

  1. Select the Add New Budget button in the top right.
  2. Click on a category to set a budget for it.
    • A window will appear with a suggested amount for that category.
  3. Enter the amount you'd like to allocate for that category, or simply leave the suggested amount as-is.
  4. Click Save to create the budget for that category or Cancel if you change your mind.
    • The newly created budget will appear at the top of the list in color.
  5. Repeat the steps above for all other desired categories.

To learn more about the Budgets tool, watch the quick clip here. 


Disclaimer: The functionality of this software varies depending on which financial institution you use. Not all content in this help center will apply to your experience.

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