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On the Dashboard, scroll past Accounts to find the Transactions panel. This is where you can see every transaction for all of your accounts.

Transactions are easy to understand in the mobile banking app because the unreadable labels you often see are cleaned up and replaced with something informative.

For example:  
See this: Instead of this:
Sonic Drive-in #XXXXXXXX0130 MSF*SONIC SAN AN 210-5037837 US

Each transaction has an associated category, like “Restaurants” or “Mortgage & Rent.” Categories are helpful when using many features like creating a budget or tracking spending. Some transactions will be labeled “Uncategorized,” and you’ll want to categorize these later.

On the Transactions panel on the Dashboard, you’ll see the three most recent transactions made from all your accounts.


Tap View All Transactions at the bottom of the panel to see every transaction for every account, with the most recent at the top. Pending transactions are at the top, grayed-out and italicized.

Transactions that have posted, meaning they are no longer pending, are grouped by date. Each will show a name, a category like “Personal Care,” or “Gas,” and an amount. If a transaction was a credit to one of your accounts, the amount will have a plus sign and be green.

  • Swipe up or down to scroll through your transactions.

  • Tap magnifying glass at the top to search for a name like “Target” or “Papa John’s,” a category like “Fast Food,” or a dollar amount.

  • Tap on a transaction to view details and actions, including how to edit a transaction.
  • Use the All accounts, All time, All types, and All tags filters near the top to filter what appears in the list of transactions.



To learn more about the Transactions tool, watch the quick clip here. 


Disclaimer: The functionality of this software varies depending on which financial institution you use. Not all content in this help center will apply to your experience.

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