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Your financial worth is more than just the number in your checking account. It includes savings accounts, retirement accounts, properties, investments, bonds, debt like student and car loans, and so on. When you add as many accounts as possible and include your property and debts, the app can tell you your true net worth, and will automatically update it as you spend, get a raise, or pay off loans.

On the Dashboard, the Net Worth panel shows a visualization of your net worth and how it has changed over the last six months. It will also give a dollar figure, and tell you how much it has changed since last month.

Tap anywhere on the Net Worth panel to bring up more details.

Net Worth details

You’ll see your net worth at the top, a line graph of change over time, and your change from the previous month on the bottom right.

  • Tap 6M, 9M, or 1Y to see how your net worth has evolved over six months, nine months, or one year, respectively.

  • Tap one of the points on the graph to see your net worth for that month, and how much it changed from the month before. 

Assets & Liabilities

Net worth also shows your assets and liabilities in one place.

  • Tap View Assets & Liabilities.

All your accounts are listed, grouped by asset or liability, as well as type, so you’ll see a sum of assets in your checking accounts, a sum of liabilities in your credit cards, and so on.

  • Tap on an account type to show a list of individual accounts and balances for that type.

  • Tap it again to close the list.

Gains & Losses

To view where you’ve gained or lost net worth for a selected month:

  1. On the Net Worth line graph, tap on the month you’d like to view.

  2. Then tap View [month] Gains and Losses at the bottom of the screen.

    This window will show how much you gained or lost in dollar amounts, organized by gains and losses.


Disclaimer: The functionality of this software varies depending on which financial institution you use. Not all content in this help center will apply to your experience.

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