Add a Manual Transaction

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If you are using a manual account to track cash spending or another account, you may wish to add manual transactions to the Transaction tool to account for spending from this account.


Manual transactions can only be added to manual accounts. You cannot add a manual transaction to an account connected to an outside financial institution.

To add a manual transaction:

  1. Click the Add icon mceclip0.png in the top right, just below the navigation bar.
  2. Enter all details of your transaction, including the amount, payee, date, category, account, type, and any relevant tags or memos.
  3. Click Save.

The transaction type refers to whether the transaction is a credit or a debit. A credit is generally money being added to one of your accounts, such as a deposit or payment against a credit card. A debit is generally money taken from an account, such as money spent at the store or a transfer out of savings.

To learn more about the Transactions tool, watch the quick clip here. 

Disclaimer: The functionality of this software varies depending on which financial institution you use. Not all content in this help center will apply to your experience.

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