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To provide an accurate picture of your finances, you should add accounts from every institution you have a financial relationship with. After all, you can’t track your total spending or make a realistic budget if you haven’t included your second checking account or that credit card you're paying off.


Adding an account

  1. From the Dashboard, tap View All Accounts on the bottom of the panel to bring up a list of accounts.

  2. On the Accounts page, tap Connect at the top right to see a list of financial institutions.

  3. If you find your institution, move to step 4. If not, tap Search Accounts and enter the name of the institution you’re looking for. If you still can’t find it, search by its web address, such as or You can also try adding a manual account.

    Get help from support

    If you still can’t find your institution send a message to our support team. To do so:

    1. Click the menu icon and choose Help & Legal from the list.
    2. Select Support Request.
  4. Once you find your institution, tap its icon, and then enter the credentials you use to sign in to that account.

  5. Tap Connect. It may take a few minutes for your new account to connect.


To learn more about the Accounts tool, watch the quick clip here. 


Disclaimer: The functionality of this software varies depending on which financial institution you use. Not all content in this help center will apply to your experience.

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