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Maybe one of your financial institutions doesn’t support our software, or you’ve paid off a mortgage, so there isn’t an online account for it. If so, add a manual account to track things with a lot of value: a house, a car, cash, a loan you’re paying back to a friend.

If you’re adding certain types of accounts like car loans or mortgages, it’s important to input the full value of the property associated with the account (like a house or car), so the app will track the positive value of your assets, not just your debt.

Adding an manual account

  1. From the Dashboard, tap View All Accounts on the bottom of the panel to bring up a list of accounts.

  2. On the Accounts page, tap Connect at the top right to see a list of financial institutions.

  3. Scroll to the bottom, and tap Add a Manual Account.

  4. Give this account a name and a starting balance.

  5. Tap Account Type and then choose an account type:

  6. Enter the account's details. This could be a balance, APR or APY on investments, or mortgage accounts. Each type of account requires slightly different information, so you may need to pull out a statement, make a call, or sign in to another account.

  7. Tap Save.

To learn more about the Accounts tool, watch the quick clip here. 


Disclaimer: The functionality of this software varies depending on which financial institution you use. Not all content in this help center will apply to your experience.

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