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On the mobile dashboard, scroll to the Spending tile and tap it. On the Spending page, tap menu icon on the top right to open options to view spending as a Pie Chart, Over Time, or as a List.

Pie Chart

The Pie Chart visualization shows the spending wheel.

Over Time

The Over Time visualization is a bar graph of your overall spending or income over the last 12 months. A line graph represents your income. The current month will be highlighted by default.

Tap a bar on the graph to show spending for that month. You can also tap the forward or backward arrows next to the date at the top to move from one month to the next. Above the graph, you’ll see your total spending for the chosen month.

View Transactions at the bottom to view transactions within your chosen month.


The  List option will show each category listed by the percentage of your spending that it accounted for. The percentage will be on the left, and the dollar amount will be on the right.

  • Tap the category to see a breakdown of each subcategory. Tap View all [category] Transactions to see each transaction in that category for the chosen time period.

  • You can tap the forward or backward arrow next to the date at the top to move from one month to the next.


To learn more about the Spending tool, watch the quick clip here.


Disclaimer: The functionality of this software varies depending on which financial institution you use. Not all content in this help center will apply to your experience.

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