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In the mobile app, you can see on a map where the nearest ATM or branch office is located.

Note: To make sure the feature works properly, you’ll need to enable your phone’s location services.
  1. In the mobile app, scroll to the Other Resources section and tap Locations. A map appears with your location at the center. Nearby branches or ATMs will be shown with a map marker. The app will show you branches, ATMs, and partner branches by default.

    Note: You can also find Locations in the main menu.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap [Bank name] Locations to show only branch locations.

  3. Tap No Fee ATMs to exclude walk-in branches and show only ATMs that don’t require a fee.

  4. Tap Partner Branches to show only these locations.

If you don’t see a location, you may need to zoom in or move the map around.

  • To zoom in, either use your thumb and forefinger, or tap the plus sign.

  • To zoom out, pinch the screen with your thumb and forefinger, or tap the minus sign.

  • To move the map, drag across the screen with one finger.

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