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The Metrics page of Client Dashboard shows the status of aggregation attempts for various financial institutions. The top MX institutions are listed and show a few of their current metrics. You can click on a financial institution to see how your connection compares to MX's connection.

View connection metric details

  1. Log in to the Client Dashboard and navigate to the >Metrics page. Here you can review aggregation success rates for the highest-volume institutions on the MX platform.
  2. To view additional information about a specific connection, click on the corresponding institution. 

    On the page that appears, you will see information showing user and system errors, as well as data comparing your connection rates to all MX connection rates.

    The additional information will help you troubleshoot aggregation issues reported by your users. By comparing MX’s Connection to Your Connection, you can begin to formulate ideas on how to resolve connection issues.


    System success and user error rate

    • System success: This percentage represents how often MX was able to complete a connection request when no user errors exist. This is a good gauge of how well MX systems are working.
    • User error: This percentage shows how often users are unable to complete a connection request. User errors can include wrong username/password, failed MFA, and more.

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