Whitelisting IP Addresses

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To protect both MX and MX clients, all IP addresses making calls to the Platform API, regardless of environment, will need to be whitelisted. Whitelisting IP addresses ensures API calls are coming from approved, secure sources. Any calls coming from non-whitelisted IP addresses will be flagged as a security risk. 

You can add addresses to your whitelist by following the steps below. Some may be considered a security risk, such as those originating outside of North America, and must be approved manually by MX. 

How to View and Whitelist IP Addresses

  1. In Client Dashboard, go to the API keys and whitelisting page.  In the Whitelisted IPs section you can view IP addresses that have already been added.
  2. Click Add IP address at the bottom of the Whitelist IPs addresses section.
  3. In the Whitelist IP Address window, enter the new IP address or IP range. Separate IP addresses with a comma to enter more than one.
  4. Click Confirm.
  5. When approved, new IP addresses will be added to the list. 
  6. It can take several days to approve an IP address. Contact MX if you need any help.

Whitelisting Limitations: 

  • MX does not support whitelisting domains, we only support whitelisting IP addresses or IP ranges
    • Please note MX only supports /22 IP ranges
  • MX does not support whitelisting dynamic IP addresses, only static IPs

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