Viewing and Managing API Keys

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The MX Client Dashboard allows quick access to API keys for both your production and integration environments.

Getting API keys for the first time

Developer API keys

If you'd like to get started developing with MX APIs, and don't yet have API keys, you will need to sign up for MX Client Dashboard. After filling out the sign up form, you will be sent an email verification. When that is complete, log in to Client Dashboard and access developer API keys from the API keys and whitelisting page. Developer API keys are free.

Production API keys

When you're ready, request Production API keys from MX.

Viewing your production and integration API keys

  1. In Client Dashboard, navigate to the API keys and whitelisting page.
    • Your Production and Developer API keys are listed in their own sections.
    • For each API key, you can click the show icon 2021-11-16_11-15-28.png to reveal the key, or click the copy icon 2021-11-16_11-15-57.png to copy the key to your clipboard.

    API keys should be kept secure. Do not share it or include it in any client-side code.


Rotating your API keys

Depending on the type of API keys you are using, you may have the option to rotate the keys. Rotating API keys is useful in the rare case they are compromised or if you are doing routine maintenance. Once a rotation is complete, your current API key will immediately be invalid.

  1. Go to the API keys and whitelisting page.
  2. Identify the API key you would like to rotate.
  3. Click Rotate next to the key you want to rotate.
  4. Click Rotate key now.

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