Viewing Log Data and Platform Stats

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In MX Client Dashboard, logs are available to help you test and troubleshoot API connections and issues. You can view logs for the Nexus and Real Time APIs, and you can see details about webhooks and MX Platform statistics. You can also view the total number of requests and their average duration. 

The type of logs available depend on which MX products and APIs your organization is currently using.

The logs page only displays data for your production environment. If you would like access to view logs for your integration environment, please reach out to your MX representative.

How to view a log payload

  1. In Client Dashboard, navigate to the Logs page.
  2. Select a product tab at the top of the table to view logs for that product.
  3. Click on any table row to view the payload. 

    The Log Payload panel will open on the right where you can see the call and response information that can help you identify connection issues.


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