How to use the marketing photoshop templates

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Found a marketing template you want to use? Let's do it! Here's the quick run down for how you can use and edit the template in photoshop. We're going to use a specific asset example, but the steps will be relatively the same for any asset. 



Step 1. Download the template.

Find the asset you want to use, and scroll to the bottom of the article to download the template. It will be a .psd file. mceclip0.png

Step 2. Open the template in photoshop.

Most of the changes you are able to make, will be made using smart objects.

Step 3. Choose the smart object you want to edit.

Start by double clicking into the screenshot smart object. Most of the time this layer is labeled “Change Screen Here” 


Step 4. Make customizations.

Once in the screenshot smart object layer you have two options:


Option 1: Take a screenshot of your app UI and replace everything in this smart object with the desired screenshot.

Option 2: Edit the individual components of the screenshot using the template provided.

Step 5. Update your Institution Name.

Using the provided template select the type tool to update your institutions name in the accounts section of the app. 


For example, changing “[INSTITUTION NAME Checking]” to “Epic Bank Checking.”

Step 6. Update the Account Icon.

Next the checking account icon. Double click into the layer labeled “Edit Checking Icon.” 


  • Place your institution's icon as a new layer in the smart object and adjust the size. 
  • To round the corners of the institution icon, create a clipping mask. Select the icon layer to clip to the black background layer below it. Then press Ctrl+Alt+G (Windows) / Command+Option+G (Mac) on your keyboard.
  • Save the changes and back out of the smart object until you are back to the mobile app screenshot to continue editing. Repeat these steps for the second account in the screenshot. 


Step 7. Save the changes and back out of the smart object until you are back to the mobile app in the phone frame.

Step 8. Save the final changes as a photoshop file, jpeg or png for later use. 


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