Audiences Overview

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An audience is the specific group of users to whom you will direct your campaign. You can — and should — build a specific audience for each new campaign.


Watch the quick clip below to learn how to get started with the audience tool.


The Audiences tool lets you explore customer data and uncover unique perspectives. It will show information on your users’ digital engagement, account details, and spending behavior. You can then direct tailored campaign messaging in a personalized and relevant way.


You can build an audience from a list of external user GUIDs, or you can build an audience by specifying conditions. A condition defines whether users are included or excluded from an audience. For example, if you choose "checking account" as a condition, that audience will include only users who have a checking account.


Audiences are dynamic, so new users who meet the criteria you have laid out will automatically be added to the audience, as long as it isn't deleted. You can also update audiences. Imported audiences, however, are static.


Audiences landing page

The Audiences landing page lists audiences you have created or imported and is organized by the name of the audience and how many users are in each one. You can export your audiences as a CSV file.

Audiences will appear in alphabetical order by default. You can sort them by name, number of users in the audience, or creation date. When you select an audience, you will be taken to its details page.

You can filter audiences by All Audiences, Custom, Imported, and Archived.


Disclaimer: The functionality of this software varies depending on which financial institution you use. Not all content in this help center will apply to your experience.

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