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The audience builder is a complex tool that uses conditions, groups, and logical operators to help you identify groups of users. As you add conditions, only users who match what you have designated will be included in the audience. Logical operators (and/or/not) are automatically added between conditions. Groups will affect how the audience summary is calculated.

Watch the quick clip below to learn how to create or import a new audience.


    1. Click New Audience and select Custom Audience from the expanded menu.

    2. Type a name for your audience, and select Confirm to move forward.
      We recommend choosing a name that includes the conditions you’re using to define the audience. For example, you could name your audience, "Users with high interest credit cards."

    3. Add a condition by clicking Add an Audience condition. A menu opens on the right from which you can select conditions.

    4. Select a condition to add. Conditions are organized by categories:
        • Accounts
        • Discovered Accounts
        • Financial Health
        • PFM behavior
        • Pulse behavior
        • Transactions
        • User demographics

      You can use conditions to narrow the type of user you want to target. For example, in the "Users with high interest credit cards" audience, you may want one condition to be that only users with external credit cards (credit cards not issued through your organization) be included. The next condition may be that the interest rate of those credit cards should be at least 20%.

Disclaimer: The functionality of this software varies depending on which financial institution you use. Not all content in this help center will apply to your experience.

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