Import Users to an Audience

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If you want to create an audience using your own tools, that's not a problem. Simply create a CSV file containing the external user GUID of each user you'd like to target with your campaign.

You can upload up to 50,000 users per file. Files must be encoded using the UTF-8 standard and should contain one record per line, without a column label. Each user ID must match exactly the ID sent to MX when the user was created.

Current versions of Microsoft Office (particularly the Mac versions) default to using UTF-8 encoding when exporting a CSV file. Some organizations may run legacy versions of Windows and Office/Excel that could run into this issue.


To import your CSV:

  1. In Marketing Hub, go to Audiences then click New Audience on the top right of the window.
  2. Select Imported Audience.
  3. Name your audience.
  4. Click browse to upload your CSV, or drag and drop the CSV into the indicated location.
  5. Click Create.


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