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To launch a campaign, in Marketing Hub, select Campaigns from the left navigation, then select the campaign you want to launch.

From the campaign details page, you can preview what the message will look like, schedule it to launch in the future, launch it immediately, edit the campaign details, or delete it entirely. Once you’ve launched a campaign, you can track its performance from this page.

Only administrators can launch or schedule campaigns.


You can also Launch, Schedule, Edit, and Delete campaigns from the All Campaigns section by clicking the Actions menu icon 2021-10-26_11-18-30.png for the campaign in the list.

    1. Click the Action menu icon 2021-10-26_11-18-30.png and choose Launch.
    2. Select Launch to confirm an immediate launch or select Cancel.
    1. Click the Action menu icon 2021-10-26_11-18-30.png and choose Schedule.
    2. Use the date and time pickers to determine a Start Date and End Date. A start date is required to schedule a campaign, and an end date is optional.
  • From the main Custom Campaigns window, you can see a history of your past campaigns and manage the status of campaigns.

    • Once a campaign is active, no changes can be made even if it is paused or stopped. You can either end or pause a campaign by selecting the respective buttons.
    • A paused campaign can be resumed, ended, or exported. An ended campaign can only be exported or deleted.

Disclaimer: The functionality of this software varies depending on which financial institution you use. Not all content in this help center will apply to your experience.

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