Managing MXmobile (Helios) Maintenance Messages

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If you are an MXmobile (Helios) customer, you have the ability to put MXmobile in maintenance mode. Maintenance mode disables some or all features for the MXmobile app.

If you are not an MXmobile customer, the MXmobile option will not appear in Client Dashboard's left navigation.

Enabling maintenance mode for Helios

  1. In Client Dashboard, navigate to the MXmobile page.
  2. Enter a maintenance message in the text area under the feature you’d like to disable. The message will be displayed to any user who attempts to use the disabled feature.
  3. Click Save Message.
  4. To disable all features, toggle off 2021-11-18_11-59-32.png All Features and Functionality. To disable individual features, toggle them off in the Manage Features section.

    To enable disabled features, toggle the switch back on 2021-11-18_13-02-02.pngfor all or individual features. 
  5. Click Continue.
    This will immediately disable the selected feature(s). You will have to manually enable the feature after disabling it.

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