Supported Devices and Operating Systems

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Our mobile app is supported on many devices and platforms. 

As of Helios 2.59.0, these are our support standards:

  1. Android devices running Lollipop (5.0) and newer (due to 64 bit standards and Android API 21)
  2. iOS devices running iOS 11 or newer (due to 64 bit standards, and Live Person in-app messenger)
  3. iPadOS devices running 13.1 or newer

MXmobile is supported per operating system (OS), not device. Hardware is unmanageably diverse, and some devices are capable of running either OSes that are or aren't compatible with MXmobile.

Unsupported Devices and Operating Systems

  1. Windows - All support for Windows builds has been deprecated
  2. Windows Mobile - All support for Windows Mobile has been deprecated

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