Using Pre-built Audiences

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Pre-Built Audiences give you 10 suggested audiences, developed based on user feedback, for building a marketing campaign.

To use Pre-Built Audiences: 

  1. Log into Marketing Hub.
  2. From the menu on the left, select Audiences.
  3. Find the Audience templates section at the top of the page.
  4. Click on a template to learn more about each of the audience conditions used in that template.
  5. Click Use this Template when you've found the one you want.

Use the default conditions settings, or make adjustments as necessary. Refer to the Audience Conditions article to learn more about creating and adjusting audience conditions.

The 10 pre-built audiences are:

  • High interest external credit cards
  • External credit card but no internal credit card
  • External credit cards with high balances
  • External checking accounts
  • Low savings balances
  • External mortgage and over 𝑥 percent interest
  • External auto loan over 𝑥 percent
  • Inactive PFM users last 30 days
  • New PFM users last 30 days
  • Aggregation opportunities



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