Setting up OAuth

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This article briefly introduces the OAuth section of Client Dashboard. For more detailed information about OAuth, read the OAuth/Open Banking Migration Overview article.

OAuth connections are secure, tokenized connections that allow one application to interact with another without having to re-enter a password. OAuth provides a more secure connection for both the financial institution and its customers. As a token-based solution, credentials are handled entirely by the OAuth provider and exchanged for a token that MX can use.

To use OAuth with MX connections, you must first register for OAuth in Client Dashboard.

  1. In Client Dashboard, select OAuth in the left navigation.
  2. Fill out the OAuth registration form.

    The registration form includes the following settings and fields. Only the App logo and App name will be visible to your users.

    • App logo - The logo for the app you're registering for OAuth. The app logo must be a 100x100 pixel .png file.
    • App name - The app name will be displayed to users. Use a name they will recognize.
    • Abbreviated app name - A shorter name for you app.
    • App description - Provide a brief description of your app.
    • Company website - Your company's primary website.
    • Street Address, CityState/Province/Region, Postal/Zip Code, and Country - Your company's address.
    • Support email - The email address to contact your company's support team.
    • Support phone number - The phone number to contact your company's support team.
    • Support url -  The web address for your company's support team.

  3. Click Submit. When your information is submitted, a team at MX will register your company for all of MX's OAuth enabled connections.


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