Taking Action in Insights

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Insights protect, inform, and guide users by providing actionable details that connect users to digital financial management experiences. Many insights that appear to users have a call to action that directs to an activity like transferring to savings or setting up a budget. Users can also give feedback on an insight and/or dismiss an insight.

Call to Actions (CTAs)

Insights that guide users to important financial management actions will have a clear path to do so, usually in the form of a button. Here's an example of the Safe to save insight which provides a path to create a transfer from one account to another.



Here are some CTAs users may see in their insights:

  • View all subscriptions
  • Create a budget
  • Transfer funds
  • Learn how to save
  • Get started with a credit card balance transfer
  • Learn more about overdrafts
  • Learn more about credit card usage
  • View bill history
  • View details about a low balance
  • View transactions within a certain category
  • View a quarterly summary
  • and more

Insight Actions

Each insight includes a menu where users can let MX know whether the insight was helpful, and they can dismiss an insight so it disappears from their feed.

  1. Within an insight, click the options menu icon 2021-12-15_11-32-47.png.
  2. Select This is helpful, This is not helpful, or Dismiss this insight.

    Selecting This is helpful or This is not helpful will allow you to give additional feedback add comments. 

    Choosing Dismiss this insight will remove the insight from your feed until it's triggered again.

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