Member Connection Statuses Overview

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The connection_status indicates the state of a member's aggregation, meaning the state of a user connecting to a particular institution.

Here are some common member statuses you might encounter, what they mean, what to do about them, and the information MX will need to troubleshoot them.

These are only a few of the possible connection statuses. Find additional statuses here and more technical details in the connection status documentation.

The "members" referenced in this article refer to the member object on the MX platform. This is different from a member of a financial institution. To learn more about members, click here.

Member Status Description and Resolution


The connection is currently waiting for the end user to complete a Multifactor Authentication (MFA) challenge. This is not an error and will change to an expired status if the end-user fails to complete MFA. Do not escalate this status.


If there are multiple attempts to aggregate an end user's data that have failed, the end user will get a connection status message of Degraded. This could be due to website maintenance or other factors that are preventing account aggregation. 


The end user will get a connection status message of Delayed if connecting an account is taking longer than usual. This can be due to reasons outside of MX's control, such as internet bandwidth, problems at the financial institution's website, and other factors.

Check back the next day. If the problem persists, submit a support request.


The credentials are incorrect. If the end user can log into the FI site with the same credentials with no issues, escalate to MX and provide:

  • MX Member GUID
  • FI website login URL
  • Credential character lengths (to confirm they match)
  • Options: Screenshot of the landing page of the FI website after successful login to confirm that login was successful with sensitive information removed.


The end-user has not completed MFA in the required time. A refresh is required to trigger MFA to send again. If the user is having issues completing MFA, escalate to MX and provide:

  • MX Member GUID
  • MFA Type (text/call, captcha, etc.)
  • Optional: Attempted MFA API request and its response (remove any sensitive info)

Failed or Halted

The connection has an aggregation issue. Most aggregation issues are temporary and self-resolve after 24 hours. If the end user is still getting a failed status after 24 hours, escalate to MX and provide:

  • MX Member GUID
  • An explanation of the issue and any troubleshooting that’s already been done.


The end user needs to go to the FI’s website to solve these statuses. Please ask the end user to contact the FI if they need help resolving this. Do not escalate this status.


The end user's entered credentials have failed to connect three times in a row. MX has locked the account to avoid locking the end user out of their account on the financial institution's website.

The end user must re-enter their username and password to continue updating their data.

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