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We've got you covered. If you're new to MX, these guides will help you get up to speed!

Team Guides

Get to know the good folks at MX who will help you have a successful launch, reach goals, and support your customers.

Delivery Team Guide

When you purchase MX products, they are not ready to implement right off the truck. There is quite a bit of technical configuration that needs to happen based on your unique environment, set up, and vision for what you would like to achieve with our products.

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TechOps Team Guide

Take a look at the resources and help that you and your end-users will receive from the MX TechOps support team.

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Catalyst Team Guide

Using data to drive better, more personalized customer experiences is new for so many within our industry. Learn how Catalyst, MX’s professional services team can assist you for data analysis, consulting, and actionable recommendations to realize measurable ROI.

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Client Strategy Consultant (CSC) Team Guide

Now that you are live with your MX products here’s how we will form our strategic partnership.

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Learning Guides

Learn how to use your new digital banking tools and how to help your customers.

MXinsights Learning Guide

An introduction to MXinsights in 5 minutes, or longer if you have the time.

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MXpfm (MoneyMap) Learning Guide

Learn the ins and outs of MoneyMap in 5 minutes… or longer if you have the time.

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Fostering Customer Adoption

Help your customers understand the benefits of using your new tool by learning how to talk to them about it with confidence.

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Support in Levels

Take a quick look at all of your new support resources. Then, get comfortable using them by completing a few challenges.

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Quick Start Guides

Get a quick introduction to MX products.

Client Dashboard Quick Start Guide

Learn how to use some of the most common features in Client Dashboard.

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MXinsights Quick Start Guide

Learn how to use some of the most common features in MXinsights.

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