Mini Widget Basics

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The Mini Widget allows financial institutions to embed a smaller and more lightweight Financial Feed experience. With fewer insight cards to display and less functionality than the full feed, it can fit in smaller spaces on a webpage or mobile app. It’s intended to captivate and drive more users to the full feed.

Embedded mini widget

The Essentials

In the Mini Widget, users see a carousel of up to five insight cards that correlate with the most recent five insight cards at the top of their main feed. These cards will be unique to accommodate smaller screen resolutions. They will also display only information, without their standard calls to action.

  • The Mini Widget will display a maximum of five insights.
  • If users have only one or no insights to display, they will see zero state cards.
  • If an insight is turned on in the full feed, it is also turned on in the Mini Widget. 
  • Implementation: As with all our web based widgets, the client sends a request and receives a widget URL that can be embedded as the client chooses.
  • The Mini Widget has a 400 pixel minimum height and 300 pixel minimum width. If an insight’s text becomes too long and is unable to fit within the card, then the text will truncate with “...”

Mini Widget

Example of how the Mini Widget can look

The Details

Zero State Cards

The Mini Widget will display a minimum of two insights and a maximum of five. When there's not enough user data or client-activated insights to display, users may have no insights to display. In that case, they will see two zero state cards. If they have one insight to display, they will also see one zero state card. If they have three to five insights to display, they will see those and will not see any zero state cards.

If one card is available to display, then only the Check back later zero state will display with it.


Example images of both zero state cards.

Insight Order

The Mini Widget displays the same insights in the same order as the full feed, which is in chronological order.

Insight Display Time

Insights will stay in the Mini Widget until they are replaced by newer insights.

Active insights

Insights can be turned on/off in the client insight profile. This will turn the insight on/off in both the full feed and the Mini Widget. Clients can turn on/off a Mini Widgets, but to turn on/off a mini insight, the full insight must be turned on.

New Insight Button

A “new insight” button will appear if a new insight is available to display in the Mini Widget, and there are fewer than five insights in the carousel.

Financial Feed Introduction Card

In the Mini Widget, this card appears as one of the earliest insights generated, and moves down the feed naturally, just like other insight cards.

Carousel Arrow Buttons

When viewing the first card, the left arrow will be disabled. When viewing the last card, the right arrow will be disabled. Additionally, the dots in between the right and left arrows are clickable and will navigate the user to that specific position.

Call to Action

An optional View more button is available for a quick link to the feed, but requires an additional integration from the client to consume a PostMessage event. Note, the original primary intention of the Mini Widget is to direct users to the full feed.

Find PostMessage documentation here.

Mini Widget for Mobile

Just as with the full feed, clients can implement the Mini Widget on mobile with single sign-on in an iframe that displays a webview. Implementation and placement of the Mini Widget is done by the client.

Number of Insight Cards Displayed

You will only ever see 5 cards. It loads 5 cards and sees how many are available with a mini version. The system continues that pattern until the Mini Widget displays up to 5 cards, or has requested 20 cards.

What Kinds of Insights Constitute a Mini Widget Insight Card?

We don't create mini insights where user input is requested and no info is given.

For example, it's not useful to have a mini insight for the User Feedback, Designate Primary Checking, or Missing Interest Rate insights, since these insights request info rather than give it.

Mini Insight Availability

Refer to our developer documentation site to see which insights are Mini Widget compatible.

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