MXaccess Overview

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MXaccess enables financial institutions (FIs) and Fintechs to stand up an open finance API in a fraction of the time it would take them to create their own. It also provides tools to manage their API, for consumers to grant, modify, and revoke access to their financial data, and for third-party developers to code up to the API. 

It is an open finance API platform built on the latest OAuth and Financial Data Exchange (FDX) API standards. It improves the data sharing experience between financial institutions, fintechs, and other third parties.

MXaccess Features

MXaccess is not just an API. It's an entire platform for managing all aspects of the data sharing process. MXaccess includes the following features: 

For FIs and FinTechs (data providers)

Admin dashboard

  • Manage intermediaries and the apps/services that are connected through them
  • Control Oauth and token access
  • Register IP addresses
  • View reports to understand user interests and behavior
  • Get started with legal document templates

For Aggregators (data recipients)

Management dashboard

  • Manage all registered apps
  • View request logs from all connected apps
  • View reports to understand user interests and behavior
  • Whitelist IP addresses
  • Code up using MXaccess’s detailed API documentation

For Customers

User consent interface

  • Granting consent: When logging into an app, users are informed about what data the app will have access to, and are asked to agree.
  • Managing consent: Embed a widget that enables users to manage consent and third party access

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