Account Aggregation Overview

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 Account Aggregation enables you to connect to thousands of financial institutions to gather end-user account and transaction data. MX uses a patented, multi-source aggregation strategy which provides improved connectivity and reliability when gathering this data. This strategy also provides broader coverage than a mono-aggregator, which benefits clients seeking to make aggregated financial account data available to end users. Aggregation includes MX’s data enhancement, which cleanses, categorizes, classifies, and enhances data with information like improved descriptions, merchant data, and more.

Aggregation may be used to facilitate any number of use cases including personal financial management, user experience, transfers, underwriting, fraud and risk mitigation, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and more. 

Aggregation should be accessed through the MX Platform API. However, it is also offered as part of multiple other products and services including Nexus API, MXinsights, and MXmobile.

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