MXinsights Overview

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MXinsights is an actionable intelligence platform that enables you to gain more value from your data, power the best experiences, and improve engagement so your consumers can become financially strong. MXinsights delivers a combination of personal financial management, predictive financial guidance, and financial wellness capabilities that translate data into actionable insights.

MXinsights is an all-inclusive version of MXinsights that offers maximum functionality and enhancements. 

Included Features

  • Artificial intelligence technology to analyze an end user’s financial data to find, prioritize, and deliver personalized insights.
  • A large selection of insight cards, or beats, including dynamic insights, 3D insights, and integrated actions.  
  • An end-user marketing tool that enables targeted and personalized marketing campaigns and automated messaging campaigns based on client-defined criteria.
  • Personalized messaging and suggestions via insights based on end-user financial data.
  • A user experience that provides visualizations of end users’ financial picture based on their internally held and aggregated account data.
  • Visual analytics of more than 100 metrics on end-user behavior, demographics, debts, and engagement with other MX.

Included Services

  • MX Platform: A set of systems and resources which allow MX to process and store financial data for a financial institution or fintech partner. The Platform includes 1 MB of data storage per user. Additional data storage above 1MB will be charged on a monthly basis, as applicable.
  • Data aggregation: Connect to a financial institution and gather financial data about users. 
  • Data enhancement: Enhance data by cleansing and classifying raw transactional data to turn it into simple human-readable descriptions using over 100 categories. 
  • Expanded API functionality: 
    • Power your aggregation services with the Platform API
    • Receive notifications Webhooks
    • Track changes that have been made to resources on the MX Platform using the  Reporting API. 
  • Analytics storage

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