MXmobile Essentials Overview

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MXmobile is a fully-featured digital banking platform that empowers financial institutions and fintechs to deliver data-driven, contextual, and personalized experiences. MXmobile includes solutions for full-service digital banking, personal finance management, and financial wellness. 

MXmobile is offered as two separate packages, MXmobile Essentials and MXmobile. 

MXmobile Essentials provides an on-the-go digital banking platform solution that reduces an organization’s costs and time associated with implementing a mobile application. Essentials provides personal finance management solutions, digital money management features and personalized insights. This offering limits the customization and theme options available and does not include dedicated support after its launch. 

MXmobile provides an on-the-go digital banking platform solution that includes all features of  MXmobile Essentials and offers additional features including money movement and identity management. This package offers expanded customization options as well as post-launch support. 


The information below lists the high-level features associated with each package. 

MXmobile Essentials offers the following features:

  • An on-the-go digital banking platform
  • Mobile application features including:
    • New user creation via Okta 
    • Authentication and identity management via Okta
    • Profile Management
    • Notifications and Alerts
  • Digital money management features including:
    • Account views
    • Transaction views
    • Account aggregation
    • Budgeting
  • Automated data-driven financial insights and recommendations
  • Financial wellness powered by behavior-based insights and financial education

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