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This article outlines the customizable options available for the Financial Feed. MX uses backend configuration tools to customize the Financial Feed and its insights for clients. Work with your CSC to get the Financial Feed working the way you need it to.

Choose which insights to show

The Financial Feed offers 70+ insights that protect, guide, and inform your users. But you may not want to use every available insight. You can choose which insights to include in your organization's feed. 

MX can turn individual insights on or off with the flip of a switch. Let your CSC know which insights bring the most value to your organization and users. 

Even when an insight is turned off, existing insights of that type in the feed will not go away. They will still be in the user’s feed until the user dismisses them, or six months passes.

Change insight text

Each insight in the Financial Feed comes with default text. For many insights, however, you can customize the text to match your own brand and messaging. 

Each available insight is described in detail in the protect, guide, and inform articles, where we include a section on customizable text. 

See a customizable text example here.

In some insights titles, descriptions, and calls to action have multiple defaults based on the state of the data that powers it. For example, a call to action may be "View Transaction" when there is one transaction, and "View Transactions" where there are more than one.

Each insight is built with the following text options, but not every insight uses all of them. 

  • Title
  • Description
  • Call to Action
    • This is usually button text. When clicked, users will be directed to learn more or to take action on their finances.
  • Supporting Action

Insight card

Match your brand's color scheme

The Financial Feed is designed to work with your company brand. Provide your CSC with the hex code for your brand's primary color, and MX will make the change.

Add images on select insights

Some insights can include a custom image. To use a custom image, please work with your CSC. They will create a ticket and engineering will get to work adding your image.

How many insights appear in the feed?

Unless dismissed by the user, insight cards stay in the feed for up to six months in chronological order.

Configurable Thresholds

Some insights have thresholds, or certain criteria that cause the insight to trigger, usually a transaction amount, number of days, etc. For example, the Government Deposit insight is triggered when the deposit is $500 or more.

Here is a list of all insights with thresholds that are configurable. Contact your CSC if you want default values changed.

Insight thresholds Default value Description
529 Deposit 10 Minimum amount for a deposit transaction to trigger a 529 Deposit insight.
Category Spending v2 max per month 3 Maximum number of category spending insights generated per month.
Debt Payment Reminder v2 1, 3, 5 Days prior to due date. Comma separated. Ex: 1, 5, 10
Government Deposit 500 Minimum amount for a deposit transaction to trigger a Government Deposit insight.
HSA Deposit 10 Minimum amount for a deposit transaction to trigger an HSA Deposit insight.
Large Deposit 500 Minimum amount for a deposit transaction to trigger a Large Deposit insight.
Large Transaction 500 Minimum amount for a transaction to trigger a Large Transaction insight.
Savings Deposit lookback days 1 Days to look back for a savings deposit.
Savings Deposit max per month 5 Maximum number of savings account deposit insights generated per month.
Savings Opportunity v2 suggestion limit 500 Largest amount that a user will be prompted to save in the Monthly Savings insight.
Savings Opportunity v2 cooldown days 14 Minimum number of days to wait before we can generate another Savings Opportunity / Monthly Savings insight for a user.
Savings Opportunity v2 minimum checking account balance 200 Minimum amount of money required to be left in checking after contributing to savings.
Transparent Overdraft lookback days 180 Maximum number of days to lookback to determine if a user is at-risk. If set to 0, the at risk requirement is disabled and not utilized.
Uncategorized Transactions v2 cooldown days 15 Minimum number of days to wait before we can generate another Uncategorized Transactions insight for a user.
Weekly new merchants maturity in days 1 Minimum age of a New Merchant transaction's account, in days, to trigger a New Merchant or Weekly New Merchant insight.
Weekly Small Purchases Summary ceiling amount 10 Amount below which a transaction may be considered a small purchase.
Weekly Small Purchases Summary total threshold 30 Minimum aggregate amount for small purchases to trigger insight creation.

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