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Your users may not want every one of their connected accounts to generate insights in the financial feed. You can enable the Account Controls feature to allow users to hide or unhide specific accounts. When an account is hidden, its data will not aggregate and will not generate insights.

Hiding an account in the Financial Feed menu will also hide that account in all other Money Experience Products, including MoneyMap. Similarly, any accounts hidden through MoneyMap, will also be hidden in the feed.

Enabling account controls

Contact your CSC and ask them to enable account controls.

Hiding and unhiding accounts

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  1. At the top of your financial feed, click the menu button 2022-06-29_10-45-25.png.

    The menu icon may look and function differently based on what features you have enabled.

    • Only account controls enabled:
      You’ll see the account controls button 2022-06-29_10-43-59.png, and clicking it will take you directly to the account controls options.

    • Multiple features enabled:
      You’ll see the menu button 2022-06-29_10-45-25.png, and clicking it will take you to a menu where account controls will be an additional option.
  2. Select Account controls.


    The Account controls screen lists all accounts that are aggregating data to create insights.


  3. To hide an account, toggle it off.


    When the account is hidden, it will no longer be used to create insights. Any existing insights associated with the account will also be hidden. If you reactivate the account later, the existing insights will reappear, but no additional insights will have been created while the account was hidden.

    If you have the Accounts Discoverability Change insight enabled, an insight will appear in the feed that notifies the user a change was made.


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