Dynamic Insights

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What are Dynamic Insights?

There are two types of insights: static, and dynamic (sometimes called "sampled"). Static insights use the data that is available when the insight is created. That data does not change and the insight remains static in the feed.

Dynamic insights are generated in the same way as static insights, but they can be refreshed with the latest data. We call this latest data an insight sample.

Insight samples are temporary snapshots and are not saved in a database. They are accessed when needed. For example, when the user views the dynamic insight in the feed, the insight will refresh with the latest relevant data.

Sometimes when an insight sample is requested, the related data has changed and no longer meets the criteria which would trigger the initial insight. This could happen, for example, when the primary transaction for a deposit insight is re-categorized as an expense. When this happens, we present the insight as a zero-state, which informs the user that a change has been made in the data.

Dynamic Insights

Dynamic Insights Zero State Triggers
529 Deposit No Primary Transaction, Primary Transaction Category Excluded
Category Spending v2 Not Enough Data to Compute Weighted Averages (User Guid, Category Guid, Account Guids, Dates must all be present) 
Cost of Living To Income No Primary Account, No Income Transactions, Category Threshold Not Reached
Designate Emergency Savings Account  No Zero State Exists
Green Gas Purchases Summary Transaction category changes from gas or user has less than 6 transactions in previous six months or no transactions
Green Statement Fee No Primary Transaction, No Primary Account, Primary Transaction Not Fee, Primary Transaction Does Not Match Transaction Rules
HSA Deposit Associated Transactions Below Threshold, Associated Transactions Category Excluded 
HSA Withdraw No Primary Account, No Primary Transaction, Primary Transaction Category Excluded 
Missing Interest Rate No Primary Account
Monthly Debt to income Comparison v2 No Previous Monthly Summary, Previous Monthly Summary has No Income
Monthly Deposit Summary v2 No Deposits in Previous Month 
Monthly Non Essential Category Summary v2 Essential-, Non-Essential-, or Total-Transaction-Amount Negative 
Monthly Savings To Income Comparison No Previous Monthly Summary, Previous Monthly Summary has No Income 
Monthly Subscription Aggregate v2 No Subscriptions 
Monthly Top Merchant Spending v3 No Non-Essential Transactions for Any Merchant in the Previous Month 
Monthly Top Transacted Merchant No Relevant Accounts, No Relevant Transactions, Less than 4 Merchants 
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Categorization No Zero State Exists
Save Enough to Live On No Savings or Checking Accounts, No Debit Transactions in Previous 90 Days, User Has > 365 Average Daily Spending in Savings 
Savings Opportunity v2 No Primary Account, Primary Account Balance not Positive, Relevant Savings Deposit Exists, No Historical Transactions, Insufficient Spending History, Suggested Savings Not Positive 
Uncategorized Transactions v2 No Zero State Exists
Unified deposit Primary Transaction not Credit 
Weekend Spending Summary v2 No Non-Essential Category Transactions in Date Range 
Weekly new merchants v2 No weekly merchants or no mature accounts or no transactions 
Weekly No Spend Days No Days in Previous Week without Non-Essential Category Transactions 
Weekly Small Purchases Summary No Small Purchase Transactions in Previous Week 

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